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Double Senior Cup Winners

Double Irish Senior Cup Winners 2019 – St Vincents

A fantastic 2018/19 for our Senior Teams was completed on Saturday April 27th when both our Senior Ladies and Senior Men were crowned Irish Senior Cup Champions.

This means that the Club has completed the National League and Irish Cup double at Senior, U19 and U17 in Season 2018/19 …. an incredible achievement.

Well done to all of our players, coaches, team managers and supporters.


2019 Irish Senior Cup Champions – St Vincents Ladies

2019 Irish Senior Cup Champions – St Vincents Men

ISC2019 MVP – Lisa Kelly

ISC2019 MVP Cillian Colvin with the Shane Moraghan Trophy

Captain Eoin Bridgeman with Irish Senior Cup

Captain Eoin Bridgeman and Team

Tournament Details

The Irish Senior Cup Tournament for men and women took place over three days in the National Aquatic Centre in Dublin between Thursday 25th April and Saturday 27th April 2019.

The groups drawn at a meeting of the National Committee were as follows:

Draw for Irish Senior Cups 2019

  • Ladies A
  • Cathal Brugha
  • St Vincents
  • Clontarf
  • Cú Chulainn
  • Ladies B
  • Trinity
  • Diamonds
  • Tribes
  • Cú Chulainn
  • Mens A
  • St Vincents
  • Half Moon
  • North Dublin
  • Cú Chulainn
  • Mens B
  • Corrib
  • Sandycove
  • Cathal Brugha
  • Clonard

Tournament Director for ISC 2019 was Mr Eamon Caulfield.

Tournament Information Pack:
Tournament Director Eamon Caulfield published the Tournament Information Pack which can be downloaded as a PDF file here. This contained all relevant information and Rules. In summary:

  • All matches will be 4 X 8 minutes actual time.
  • All intervals will be 2 minutes in the Group Stages. Half time Interval will be 5 minutes for Semifinals and Finals on Saturday.
  • 2 timeouts per team will be permitted per game.
  • Points shall be awarded as follows:
    a) Win – 3 Points
    b) Draw – 1 Point
    c) Loss – 0 Points
  • Tournament Rules will be discussed and can be clarified at the Technical Meeting to be held on Thursday 25th April at 14:30 in the poolside meeting room. 

The schedule of matches and the results were:

Game NumberDateTimeGroupWhiteScoreBlue
1Thu 25/0415:15Ladies ACathal Brugha9-7Clontarf
2Thu 25/0416:15Ladies BTrinity14-6Tribes
Pitch Change
3Thu 25/0417:30Mens ASt Vincents11-5Cú Chulainn
4Thu 25/0418:35Mens AHalf Moon8-12North Dublin
5Thu 25/0419:40Mens BCorrib6-5Clonard
6Thu 25/0420:45Mens BSandycove7-8Cathal Brugha
Pitch Change
Game NumberDateTimeGroupWhiteScoreBlue
7Fri 26/0408:15Ladies ASt Vincents 13-9Clontarf
8Fri 26/04 09:15Ladies BDiamonds9-7Tribes
Pitch Change
9Fri 26/04 10:30Mens ASt Vincents7-6North Dublin
10Fri 26/04 11:35Mens AHalf Moon10-9Cú Chulainn
11Fri 26/04 12:40Mens BCorrib6-21Cathal Brugha
12Fri 26/04 13:45Mens BSandycove9-6Clonard
Pitch Change
13Fri 26/04 15:00Ladies ASt Vincents15-6Cathal Brugha
14Fri 26/04 16:00Ladies BDiamonds10-8Trinity
Pitch Change
15Fri 26/04 17:20Mens ASt Vincents14-9Half Moon
16Fri 26/04 18:25Mens ANorth Dublin15-3Cú Chulainn
17Fri 26/04 19:30Mens BCorrib6-5Sandycove
18Fri 26/04 20:35Mens BCathal Brugha17-3Clonard
Pitch Change
Game NumberDateTimeGroupWhiteScoreBlue
19Sat 27/04 08:30Ladies SF1St Vincents18-6 Trinity
20Sat 27/04 09:30Ladies SF2Diamonds4-13Cathal Brugha
Pitch Change
21Sat 27/04 10:50Mens SF1St Vincents13-9Corrib
22Sat 27/04 12:00Mens SF2Cathal Brugha 8-7North Dublin
Pitch Change
23Sat 27/04 17:30Ladies FinalSt Vincents14-6Cathal Brugha
Pitch Change
24Sat 27/04 19:00Mens FinalSt Vincents8-6Cathal Brugha

The Final Groups Standings were: 

Ladies Group A

1St Vincents22002815136
2Cathal Brugha 21011522-73

Ladies Group B


Mens Group A

1St Vincents33003220129
2North Dublin32013318156
3Half Moon31022735-83
4Cú Chulainn30031736-190

Mens Group B

1Cathal Brugha 33004616309

Note: Teams on Equal Points

Where teams are on equal points, the Ireland Water Polo Rule Book ranks them on head-to-head results. During the group stages of the ISC competition these tables show order based on Goal Difference and are then adjusted if necessary when a Group has been completed and two or more teams finish level on points