Irish Under 17 Cups 2017

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Irish Under 17 Cups 2017

Played in Lisburn on Jan 27th – 29th 2017

Update Jan 30th: St Vincents are Girls Champions, Boys finish 4th

The Full Guide, including Tournament Rules and Fixtures is available to download as a PDF here

GIRLS Groups:
Group AGroup B
Tribes ATribes B
St VincentsNth Dublin
Cathal BrughaDonegal Diamonds
BOYS Groups:
Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
St VincentsDroghedaGradsClonard
WexfordClontarfSandycoveNth Dublin
Cathal BrughaCorrib


The Match Schedule is:

Friday 27 Jan

Boys 7th - 9th Place
Match NumberTimeMatchWhiteScoreBlue
117:15Girls ACathal Brugha 5-8Clontarf
217:55Boys ACathal Brugha 2-4St Vincents
318:35Boys BDrogheda6-3Clontarf
419:15Girls ATribes A2-7St Vincents

Saturday 28 Jan

Boys 7th - 9th Place
Match NumberTimeMatchWhiteScoreBlue
509:00Girls BDonegall Diamonds 19-2 Tribes B
609:40Boys CGrads6-20 Sandycove
710:20Boys DClonard 19-1 North Dublin
811:00Boys ACathal Brugha 14-0 Wexford
911:40Boys BCorrib6-1Clontarf
1012:20Girls BDonegall Diamonds 13-1 North Dublin
1113:00Girls ATribes A 8-3Clontarf
1213:40Girls ACathal Brugha 0-18 St Vincents
1314:20Boys ASt Vincents18-1 Wexford
1415:00Boys B Corrib3-3 Drogheda
1515:40Girls BTribes B 5-4 North Dublin
1616:20Girls ASt Vincents11-1 Clontarf
1717:00Girls ACathal Brugha 3-14 Tribes A
1817:40Boys Q/F 1St Vincents21-2 Nth Dublin
1918:20Boys Q/F 2Corrib11-6 Grads
2019:00Boys Q/F 3Sandycove9-6Drogheda
2119:40Boys Q/F 4Clonard7-4Cathal Brugha

Sunday 29 Jan

Boys 7th - 9th Place
Match NumberTimeMatchWhiteScoreBlue
2209:00Girls S/F 1St Vincents13-1 Tribes B
2310:00Girls S/F 2Donegall Diamonds11-6 Tribes A
2411:00Boys S/F 1St Vincents1-10 Corrib
2512:00Boys S/F 2Sandycove5-7 Clonard
2613:00Girls BronzeTribes B4-20 Tribes A
2714:00Boys BronzeSt Vincents2-10 Sandycove
2815:00Girls FinalSt Vincents10-0 Donegall Diamonds
2916:00Boys FinalCorrib9-8 (6-6, 3-2 pens)Clonard