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Interview with Daniele Ferri

Daniele, who is Italian born, has been living in Thailand since 2013 after taking up a role with the National women’s water polo team. Water polo in South East Asia is had been previously dominated by Singapore and Indonesia. He took his team to SEA Games gold, beating Singapore in the final in 2015. 

The strength of the Thailand womens team was show in the 2019 women’s EU nations where they beat Serbia in the final to take gold. During this competition, Thailand faced off with Ireland water polo ladies team, featuring some St. Vincent’s players. 

He continues his long-term development of the country’s water polo structure which included the introduction of HaBaWaBa junior water polo academies in some of Thailand’s major cities. In 2018, a team from Thailand won the Asian edition of HaBaWaBa, which was great reward for the work Daniele has put into Thailand water polo. 

Have a look at his interview below where he discusses how his role has changed, offers some advice to young players and explains how he adapts his team tactics to compete against bigger opponents.